Project 12M18
Ex OBH Army Truck to Travel & Expedition Truck


After listing the the needs and wishes for independent travelling, these where incorporated into the container concept. The Project is designed with not absolute unique features that makes it truly different from other expedition vehicles on the market. But it it reflects our needs and necessities, and therefore is unique. And as more trips are made things are learned on the various trips. Long and short ones. Technologies are adapted or adopted to better suite the use.
For enquiries or questions please feel free to reach out. I look forward to hear from you !

Project postings

Electrical update

UPDATEWe have learned that the setup as described and presented in the old drawing did not comply with the installation requirements of Victron! As ...

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Garmin Overlander

Already on the market for some time. And some updates further. I had my head set on the GARMIN Overlander as an upgrade to the trucks navigation. ...

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LED light conversion

The world of retrofitting LED headlights remains a jungle. There are many (international) suppliers offering solutions. But take great care, not all ...

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Refurbishing the bumper

With the COVID-19 smart lockdown in full swing here in the Netherlands, there is plenty of time and opportunity to deal with the aesthetically ...

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Truck electric cleanup & modifications

As the truck is parked and the COVID restrictions force us to leave it parked. It was time to work on the electrical stuff. Everything was ...

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Ozone again

As I keep getting questions about the ozone in our water tank. I decided to make a additional posting on the workings and differences of Ozone and ...

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APK 2020 and some shocking improvements !

February always marks the time of the year that we need to pass by the truck shop for our APK (Algemene Periodieke Keuring). This year was passed ...

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The shelter unit in use

Now that we are on the road for 3 years. And the current lay-out of the interior is ready and in use for two years, we can bow on some practical ...

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